Duathlon 2: sunday 25 August 2019

Draft Legal & Non-Drafting

Last year this event proved popular so we’ve brought it back. Full road closure from Scorching Bay to Shelly Bay with two different event options on offer: draft-legal and non-drafting. Enter one or enter both, the choice is yours! This is a great opportunity for anyone new to road cycling or those a bit nervous around traffic. No cars on the road, only your fellow competitors.

Draft-legal: if you’re gearing up for the sprint distance world champs and need some drafting practice, if you want to hone your cycling skills, or if you just want to give drafting a go here’s your chance.
Non-drafting: if you want to focus on your TT’ing or if you’re nervous riding closely to other riders then this is the event for you. A minimum distance of 10m is required between you and the cyclist in front of you.

Note: No aero bars permitted in the draft legal event. If you are on your TT/Tri bike or have aero bars on your roadie you will need to enter the non-drafting event.

Registration is on the morning between 6.45am and 7.45am in the clubrooms (the brick building just south of the toilet block). When you register you will receive your race number. You must have a race number to enter transition.

Transition will be open from 6.45am to 7.50am.

Late entries available on the day with a $5 late fee.

The distances are the same for both the draft legal and non-drafting event:

  • 500m opening run / 18km cycle / 5km closing run

The opening run starts 500m north of Scorching Bay, just before the mussel farm. This is more of a LeMans style start, added to help separate the field

There are two prices available regardless of whether you’re doing the draft legal or non-drafting event:

  • Adult: $35
  • Student: $30 (this is any primary, intermediate or high school student)

If you prefer to wait to see what the weather is going to do we also have late entries available on they day. They are cash only and there is a $5 late fee added.

6.45am          Registration and transition opens*

7.35am          Registration closes

7.45am          Transition closes

7.50am          Event briefing – non-drafting

8.00am          Non drafting event start*

9.30am          Event briefing – draft legal*

9.40am          Draft legal event start

10.30am       (approx.) transition opens to retrieve gear

  • depending on numbers, there may be separate male and female wave starts (2 mins apart)
  • The road reopens at 11am or when final competitor finishes – whichever is earlier.
  • The minimum age to enter is 10 years old.
  • If you think you’ve entered but haven’t received a confirmation email please let us know. If your name isn’t on our entrants list you will need to pay on the day (+ late fee).
  • There is no timing system for this event. You will receive an overall finish time only, no splits.
  • Know your course! There are marshals on course but it is up to you to know where you need to turn, how to get into transition, and where to mount and dismount your bike. Please check out the course maps beforehand.
  • TT/Tri bikes or road bikes with aero bars must enter the non-drafting event.
  • No headphones/iPhones/iPods etc to be worn during the event.
  • The condition of your gear is your responsibility. Please check that everything is up to scratch and in good working order.
  • If you choose not to continue at any stage please notify the finish line marshals so we can reconcile all our participants.
  • Wellington’s weather can be a bit finicky. Please dress to the conditions. First aid will be there but we’d prefer they don’t have any hypothermia cases.
  • Remember, this isn’t the world champs. Please be considerate and supportive of your fellow participants.
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